• After 3-4 hours, remove dressing and wash the tattoo in warm fresh water with clean hands.
• Allow to air dry for about 5 minutes.
• Apply a thin layer of recommended aftercare product.
• Re-wrap in cling film and leave for 3-4 hours.
• Repeat these steps every 3-4 hours and before going to bed and then sleep in cling film (this not only protects your new tattoo from dust and dirt but also protects your bed sheets from tattoo ink).
• In the morning wash and dry your tattoo and apply more aftercare product.
• Continue to moisturise with aftercare product until scabbing/flaking has completely gone.
• Then use a normal moisturiser (the more natural, the better) regularly to keep your ink looking it’s best. Do not let your tattoo dry out.
• If your tattoo starts to scab be careful moisturising and don’t knock the scabs as you may lose ink.
• Don’t soak your tattoo in the shower or bath.
• Don’t pick your tattoo, even if it scabs.
• No sunbeds, swimming or saunas for 4 weeks.
• Don’t use any other product to moisturise unless recommended.
• Treat as a wound i.e. keep it clean and protected.
• Do not follow any aftercare instruction besides these, even if your friend or partner says they know best.
• Keep your tattoo out of the sun for 4 weeks and then use factor 50 sunblock on your ink whenever it is exposed,
• Any problems give us a call – 07557940388

While we appreciate that you may have been given different or no aftercare instructions in the past we have found that by following these instructions the tattoos that we do heal better, faster and smoother. We highly recommend that you follow them to get the best results.

We do have an aftercare product that we use on all our own tattoos and that is recommended by many artists around the world.

However if you prefer not to use this cream then we do strongly recommend buying a proper tattoo aftercare cream. Things such as Vaseline, Preperation H and Sudocrem, amongst others, can have an adverse effect on the healed result of your tattoo. If ink needs putting back in because you have used inappropriate cream or ointment to heal your tattoo you will need to pay for this.

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