Tattoos age with your skin. If you have your tattoo too small, it may blur and become unrecognisable over time, especially with text and intricate designs with a lot of detail in them. Basically the bigger your tattoo is (within reason) the better it will look and for longer.
Getting a tattoo is a serious commitment and should not be taken lightly. Once you’ve decided what you want, how big and where, you then need to decide if you can afford to get it done. If you are serious about getting your tattoo, budget and plan your tattoo appointments accordingly. Your body is definitely worth the effort and consideration. Sleeves can take anywhere from 20 to 60 hours or more and full backpieces even longer.
The pain involved in the tattooing process is not nice, but neither is it unbearable. If you really want the tattoo, the pain won’t be a factor. Ignore any of the horror stories you may have heard, being tattooed is a personal experience that is different for everybody. You’ll probably be surprised and wonder what all the fuss is about!

Make sure you’ve eaten; getting tattooed on an empty stomach can make you feel dizzy or a bit sick. Bring a soft drink and some sweets with you; they can help raise blood sugar levels if you become faint.

Do not have any alcohol or other intoxicating substance the night before your appointment; it can seriously affect the pain you feel, the amount you bleed and the resulting tattoo. Excessive bleeding during a tattoo due to alcohol or drugs in your system can result in the ink not staying in your skin properly and you will have to pay to have it put back in. Please also note that excessive drinking soon after getting a tattoo (the same day or evening) may also affect your tattoo in a similar way to drinking beforehand.

Wear appropriate clothing; make sure you wear something that does not cover the area where you are to be tattooed and does not fit too tightly as this can affect the skin in the area and will need to be removed. For example; wearing tight leggings or trousers when getting tattooed on your lower back or stomach.

Be on time and be clean; shower and deodorise. Do not bring children along; we cannot be responsible for child care.
Follow the aftercare instructions you are given. They are the ones that produce the best results with the way that we tattoo. All tattooists are different and each has their own tried and tested methods; these are ours. Aftercare is just as important as everything else in the process; you’ve already spent ages planning and paying for your tattoo, why risk its healed appearance by not following aftercare instructions?

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